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Travel Tips

Search Engines : You could not use Google no longer in main land China except for Hong Kong and Macao. Using Baidu most of us. You may use Yahoo or Bing . But if you have VPN software , you could use all of them.

Email and Chatting : You could not use Gmail account , Facebook in main land China except for Hong Kong and Macao. Using wechat most of us. You may use Yahoo account for email. You could use whatsapp as well.  But if you have VPN software , you could use all of them. You may purchase data in your county . It probably works.

Phone Call: It is very expensive if you make international phone call in china . So you may purchase a local SIM card in China Mobile or China Unicom , but you have to us your passport to register to get a SIM card..

144 hours free Visa :You could use 144 hours free visa , it is faster than you already got the China visa when you through customs.But if too many people wait for the 144 hours free visa on that day, and your next flight rushed same time, it will happen you could not out the airport, because only have one service desk for the 144 hours free visa, then it will have long line for the visa. If you already got China visiting visa, you have to go to normal custom line .So sometimes get 144hours free visa fast, but sometimes very slow.

Wifi : 100% hotels have Wifi in China. Most restaurants have Wifi as well .You could connect it .

Banking: You need patience if you have to go bank in China . You may wait for long line . But banking services and facilities are improving in China. You could get someone could speak English, but limited in English . Recommended bank :Bank of China and ICBC .

Exchanging Money: The most safe place to exchange money is bank . Each bank the exchange rate different ,but just little difference . Passport identification is compulsory for all currency conversions, so be sure to bring it with you. Dont trust anyone who try to provide higher exchange rate. They probably give you fake money . Your register hotel( most only 5 star hotel) could provide the service as well ,but little lower exchange rate. You also could find exchange place in airport , but please confirm it is official desk or place .

Credit Cards: Most places ,such as restaurants ,shops ,sightseeing tickets office, use cash paying .Credit cards are not as universally accepted in China as in the West. Major foreign credit cards likely to be accepted here are MasterCard, Visa, American Express, JCB and Diners. They can be used at most star hotels and some department stores. Paying by foreign credit card may entail a 4% service fee

ATM: There are a lots ATMs in any cities in China . Almost all banks have ATMs and many accept main foreign credit cards and bankcards connected to Cirrus, Plus, Amex, Visa and MasterCard. Check the logos posted at the ATM to see if it will accept your card. The top daily limit on withdrawals ranges RMB 2000-5,000. Transaction fees will be deducted by your bank according to its exchange rate and policy prevailing at the time of transaction.

Avoid of  traps :Out of Forbidden city , JiangShan park and Wangfujing shopping street . The three places please be careful. When you walking in those areas or areas popular with foreigners, you may be approached by a local “student” who starts chatting with you. They will speak very good English and even help you shop or show you around “just to practice English.” After a while comes the suggestion of a lovely tea house or coffee bar nearby to rest a bit. You’ll be served nice tea or coffee in a pleasant atmosphere and no one will mention the price until the bill comes. When it does arrive the amount will be ridiculous. Or they may bring you to an art gallery featuring works by their “art professor” or “fellow students” where you will be hit with a really hard-sell. So Never drinking ,eating, or buying anything without knowing the price first.

Taxi in Beijing : If you dont want to take private car service , you may take a taxi to you hotel. The reasonable price is RMB100-160 from airport to hotel(down town Beijing). For sure sometimes depend on traffics. Jumping into a taxi from the airport, your driver may try to tell you that your hotel is pretty far and that the price will be high This kindly gent will offer to turn off his meter for an agreed upon “flat rate,” but you’ll probably wind up agreeing to more than twice the metered fare. Stay with the meter and keep the receipt ( automatically generated) in case you feel you have been cheated. And it is easy to take a taxi in regular time , your hotel staff could help you get a taxi, and they all could be trusted . But if you want to take taxi from tourists place back to hotel. It will not easy. Be careful fake taxi as well, if you dont want to negotiate price with taxi driver, if you want to just by time and meter, please remember more or less 10RMB / kilometer.